Wespine Blue

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Wespine Blue is a treated timber that is resistant to termites and European house borers in Australia, and is designed to perform in hazard level H2F – meaning homeowners may rest easy knowing that the structural timber components of their homes are protected.

Wespine Blue uses a synthesised organic compound based on pyrethroids naturally found in chrysanthemum daisies, creating a low hazard material that has been exhaustively tested and researched by CSIRO and other organisations.

The Wespine Blue protective treatment does not cause fastener corrosion or problems with plasterboard adhesion or painting. As a result, Osmose Australia – the world’s largest timber treatment supplier – has a 25 year guarantee on Wespine Blue product.

This gives customers and suppliers peace of mind. A building constructed with Wespine Blue is an enduring asset, and can be considered a strong selling point for home owners.

It’s also an easily identified product thanks to its blue coloured dye, which distinguishes Wespine Blue from untreated pine.