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Our Products

Structural Timber

Our pine framing is gauged to provide a smooth surface to accurate dimensions, making it easy to handle and work with to a high degree of accuracy.  It’s also graded and tested to ensure that every piece meets the same high standard.

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Wespine Blue

Wespine Blue is designed to perform in hazard level H2F, meaning homeowners can rest easy knowing that the structural timber components of their homes are termite and borer protected.

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Wespine Tuff Landscape Timber

Wespine’s landscape timbers range includes garden sleepers and fencing products.  These sleepers can be used for a variety of purposes such as garden edging, walking paths and steps.  Fencing products include posts, rails and palings.

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Wespine Premium Green

Light, durable and easy to use, Wespine Premium Green protects against termites, rot and fungal decay.  This protection is impregnated into the timber giving an extended warranty of up to 25 years.

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Packaging Timber

Wespine produces a range of timbers for general purpose industrial grade packaging, suitable for a wide range of purposes.

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