Maximum output, minimum waste

Wespine believes we play a critical role in the sustainability of our community.

Our sawmill contributes to the global environment by only using logs that can be renewed from certified and/or managed plantations, to produce high quality products that will store carbon over a long lifetime.

Through the close management of our operations, Wespine works hard to maintain minimal impact on the local Dardanup environment.

This includes adhering to all government regulations, managing to the minimum or, where possible, eliminating any and all impacts form its activities.

Wespine is also dedicated member of the local community, offering reliable employment opportunities, listening to neighbours, and acting professionally and responsibly in the management of the business.

It’s important that we are building towards a sustainable future. That is why we are using the latest in technology to uncover the moment at which each of our trees reach their maximum carbon capacity.

Each tree is different and should be approached as such.

One of the most important aspects of this method is that it completely minimises waste. We take care to ensure every last fibre of that tree is off to start a new life of its own.