GVTP harvest

Pine harvesting at Balingup arboretum a collaborative operation

The Golden Valley Tree Park (GVTP) is a community managed arboretum in Balingup.  It has two major collections – the Australian Collection, and the World Collection.  The pine harvesting is occurring in the World Collection.  Nestled in what is called “Hidden Valley” is eight hectares of pine.  About half of the pines are having their final harvest, to be replanted with Pinus radiata and Pinus canariensis.  The remainder are being thinned, to enable the installation of interpretive signage about pine forestry in WA.

Operations are being conducted very carefully by Plantation Logging Company, as there are some amazing specimen trees in amongst the pines; such rarities as a Wollemi Pine, and a New Zealand Totara, as well as Hoop Pine and California Redwoods.

Wespine is acting as a treasurer and operations manager.  We are buying the logs and paying the contractor, and will remit the net funds to Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), who will hold the funds in trust for future park related needs. The Forest products Commission is providing important oversight and assistance on fire precautions.  WA Plantation Resources will be conducting chipping of the harvest residues.  This will leave a very tidy site, commensurate with its public visibility and amenity value.

The project has been driven by the GVTP management committee, which includes Chrissy Sharp and Andrew Thamo, who were awarded “Top Volunteer of the Year Award”  by DBCA.

GVTP harvest Harvesting of the Golden Valley Tree Park