The Workforce

Each of our departments play an integral role in Wespine’s success, and our values underpin the way we work.

Operational areas:

Unloads log trucks, scans, sorts and debarks logs for Greenmill processing. Loading customer trucks for bark sales.

Processes logs into green-sawn dimensions and rack out for kiln drying.

Satellite Operations
Reworks and packages multiple product lines. Re-saws materials on the Stenner line for the packaging market.

With an emphasis on quality, processing and grading dry timber into finished planed dimensions for the structural market including blue treatment.

In the operational areas we employ positions including Timer Processors, Cleaners, Fixed Plant Operators, Loader Operators, Forklift Drivers, Kiln Attendants, Quality Control, Leading Hands and Supervisors.

Maintains and repairs all processing equipment including fixed and mobile plant including shut downs.

In our Maintenance department we employ Electricians, Maintenance Fitters, Trades Assistants, Store personnel, Boilermakers, Draftspersons, Process Technologists, Maintenance Planners, Engineers and Supervisors.

Areas include the Management team, Finance, IT, HR, Sales & Marketing, Resources, Process, Compliance and Administration. We employ a variety of positions within each of these areas.