The People Behind Wespine

We are very fortunate to have a team of passionate, dedicated and hard-working people involved in every aspect of what we do. From the staff on site to the ones in the suits, we couldn’t do it without them.

Our Vision

A united innovative team safely providing Australia’s best softwood timber products to our customers.

Our Values

Being One Team

  • Working as one for Wespine
  • Collaborative and inclusive in our style
  • Communicating widely and regularly

Caring For Each Other

  • Safety first in everything we do
  • Supporting and respecting each other

Having Integrity

  • Being honest and accountable
  • Doing the right thing
  • Keeping our promises

Striving To Excel

  • Seeking excellence in our business processes
  • Right product on time
  • Learning from mistakes

Courage To Innovate

  • Trialling new ideas
  • Not afraid of failure

Taking Action

  • Being positive
  • Making it happen